Our Story

We lived several years in our 40' diesel pusher.  Loved it and the opportunity to see so much of our beautiful America.  Unfortunately, age and health issues forced us to give up our lifestyle and move into a stationary home.

This was a good decision since my husband lost his right leg above the knee shortly after our move.  Three years later, fitted with a prosthesis, we decided again try and travel by motor home.  Since I would be the primary driver, I wanted something that was comfortable for me to handle.  In selecting a layout, our most, important considerations were:

  • Sleeping – ease of getting into and out of bed; twin bed option allows side entry 
  • Bathroom facilities – wet bath allows sitting on closed toilet to shower 
  • Storage – room to carry folding electric chair – rear cargo area (with slide tray removed) holds the Fold-N-Go, Zinger or similar sized electric or manual chair.

The ERA 70A fit all of our requirements. After a "shake down" cruise to make sure he could handle moving about as an amputee, we took it to a company that modifies vehicles for people with mobility issues. It was fitted with a removable adapter so he can drive with his left leg and a hand grip was added to the sliding door entry to assist in entering and exiting.

Because my husband's mobility is limited, we decided to buy a Jeep Wrangler JL as a toad. Had it outfitted with a Stay-N-Play braking system and Blue Ox Ascent 7500 tow bar. The diesel powered ERA tows it effortlessly.

All was good! We managed to have 2 additional short, local trips and were looking forward to a longer stay at one of our favorite places... Pelican Roost and the Naval Station in Mayport, Florida.

In September 2020, at age 81, my husband suffered a severe heart attack. It has weakened his heart significantly. Thankfully he is recovering but there is no hope that his heart will ever return to even close to its previous already diminished capacity.

Could I handle the setup, breakdown, driving, etc. myself? In theory, yes. In reality, I am 76 and also have heart damage. While we love RVing, we are not "dying" to do it!

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