Several modifications were made to permit an above the knee, right leg amputee to use (and drive) this motor home.  None limit the use or enjoyment of the camper by an able bodied person.  

Hand Hold

Padded hand hold provides added stability and security when entering or exiting the coach.  Installed by a company that specializes in vehicle modifications for the mobility impaired.  Does not interfere with the screen door.


With the sliding tray removed either my husband's Fold-N-Go or Zinger chair fit comfortably in the "garage." An added bonus: the electrical receptacle enables the batteries to be charged in place! Space is 23" high and 24" deep. 

Left Foot Drive

Hidden under the carpet, a base plate is permanently installed in the driver side foot well.  A removable adapter slips into the slots and allows the left foot to control the accelerator pedal.  It is easily removed to return to the normal function.

Both the sliding tray and table top supports were removed to provide the accessible space needed to carry our mobility equipment. These items, along with the necessary mounting screws, will be returned to the coach.

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